Theresia Ebenna Ezeria

Theresia Ebenna Ezeria widely known as Tere is the initiator of “Sisterhoodgigs Movement” which she started with a small set of like-minded friends in 2014 until it is later known as the primary female musician community in Indonesia.

Her major musical career started as recording artist for Aquarius Musikindo and have released 4 albums between 1998 and 2009. Her musical effort continues as composer for Sony Music Indonesia from 2012.

She also founded Teraseni, a “fun music learning center”, providing music short course, workshop and private tutorial for kids and teenagers in Jakarta.

Tere also has political career. She was a member of Parliament of Indonesia (DPR RI) between 2009-2012 and served in Committee X, working for Education, Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sport sector.

She will be speaking in Panel 3: “Music Infrastructure“.

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