Idhar Resmadi

Idhar was born in Bandung, July 19, 1985. His background education is bachelor degree in Journalism from Padjajaran University and a Master in Development Studies from Bandung Institute of Technology.

He writes in magazines such as Ripple, Trax, Rolling Stone, JakartaBeat, and IndonesiaKreatif as well as iconic local newspaper Pikiran Rakyat, mostly about music and culture, also in relation with city development. He was the Media Manager at Common Room Networks Foundation that deals with governmental agencies and NGOs in Indonesia and abroad developing art, culture, media and ICT.

Idhar’s book publications include “Music Records Indie Label” (2008), “Like This: Kumpulan Tulisan Pilihan 2009-2010 JakartaBeat” (2011) and “Based on a True Story: a Biography of Pure Saturday”.

He also a researcher, speaker, moderator, and lecturer in various forums about music and cultural activities. His current daily activity is mostly lecturing in Creative Industry Faculty in Telkom University, Bandung.

Conference Partners

Bandung City of Design City Government of Bandung Komite Ekonomi Kreatif Bandung British Council Music UK-ID Festivals School of Business and Management ITB Bandung Creative City Forum Wali Kota Musik