Gustaff H. Iskandar

Gustaff H. Iskandar (b. 1974) was graduated in year 1999 from the Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Art & Design, Institut Teknologi Bandung (FSRD – ITB). After finishing his study, Gustaff was active in the arts management field, in addition to writing and participating in various art exhibitions.

In the year 2000 – 2001, he initiate the publishing of Trolley Magazine, an independent publishing company that disseminates information on contemporary art, design, music, fashion, visual culture and media technology in Bandung. By the end of 2001, along with R.E. Hartanto, T. Ismail Reza and Reina Wulansari, Gustaff founded Bandung Center for New Media Arts, an organization that engages in research and development of media arts and multidisciplinary artistic practice in Bandung, Indonesia. The organization was later changed to be non-profit organization known as Common Room Networks Foundation (Common Room) in 2003, and becoming an open platform for arts, culture and ICT/ Media in 2009.

Among numerous projects and activities, Gustaff has also participate and initiate program at ISEA2004 (Helsinki, 2004), The 3rd Asia-Europe Art Camp (Bandung, 2005), Futuresonic Festival 2006 (Manchester, 2006), Get it [W]all Project (Yogyakarta, 2007), Mini Summit in New Media Policy & Practice (Singapore, 2009), transmediale.10: Futurity Now! (Berlin, 2010), Asia-Europe Expert Meeting for New Media, Civil Society & Environmental Sustainability (Bandung, 2010), [Derau] Sound Art Exhibition (Bandung, 2011), etc. Currently Gustaff is live and work in Bandung, where he works on his art, writes and speaks in several discussion, seminars and symposium.

Conference Partners

Bandung City of Design City Government of Bandung Komite Ekonomi Kreatif Bandung British Council Music UK-ID Festivals School of Business and Management ITB Bandung Creative City Forum Wali Kota Musik