Fiki Satari

Fiki Satari was born in Bandung and studied Economy and Management at Padjadjaran University, where he currently works as a lecturer.

He is renown as the founder/owner of AirplaneSystm, one of the pioneering clothing and apparel brands in Bandung, and as the CEO of Idealog, a creative communication company.

He co-founded Bandung Creative City Forum (BCCF), a hub for creative communities in Bandung; served as BCCF Program Director in the first organisation period (2008-2012) and as Chairperson in the second period (2013-2017).

In 2014, he belonged to Creative Economy task group of Jokowi-JK Transition House. He also lead Bandung dossier team for UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) since 2012 and succeeded to bring Bandung into UCCN membership, as a City of Design, in 2015.

Since 2014, he became the Chairman of Karang Taruna, a youth group, for the City of Bandung, and has ever since created programs that improve the image and performance of Karang Taruna with concrete impacts to its members; among others through Musikarta that aims to empower Bandung youth through music ecosystem and activities.

Conference Partners

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