The Independent Music Conference 2016 (IMC 2016) is the first music conference in Indonesia. In this first edition, IMC 2016 will host 20 speakers from 5 countries. They will feature in 2 exclusive keynotes and 5 panel discussions, raising pertinent issues required to build a “New Music Ecosystem” in Indonesia, especially in Bandung.

Why “Independent Music”?

Bandung is famous for its vibrant independent music scene since the 90’s. The scene that influenced the youth in Indonesia was not limited to the music, but also its lifestyle which is very close to other creative sectors such as fashion and of course, design. Unfortunately, the music environment grew spontaneously, not through design and planning. This is why music remains a phenomenon, and not something that grows and develops sustainably.

Whether we like it or not, the music industry is indeed part of globalization. The key question that needs to be answered is how to build a flexible yet effective system, that can support the new smarter, diverse, digital savvy and globally-aware generation of musicians, that is expected to surface in all corners of Indonesia.

Music Ecosystem

IMC 2016 aims to respond to this question: what kind of music ecosystem needs to be built in a Creative City such as Bandung. The answer is hoped that it can also be implemented in other cities in the future.

To achieve that, IMC 2016 has invited experts with unique backgrounds in their respective fields to become speakers. The will discuss and question case studies, theories and methodologies for a full day, and not just what is happening in Bandung and Indonesia, but also in other cities and countries – and see which is more suitable for implementation in Indonesia, specifically Bandung.

Conference Partners

Bandung City of Design City Government of Bandung Komite Ekonomi Kreatif Bandung British Council Music UK-ID Festivals School of Business and Management ITB Bandung Creative City Forum Wali Kota Musik